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Cyber Security meetup *instinctools
5 min read

Cyber Security meetup *instinctools

In April *instinctools hosted an online meetup about Cyber Security. It's a fascinating topic that sparks a lot of debate and raises many questions to discuss. At the meeting, speakers talked about how to identify cybersecurity requirements, how to implement

*instinctools held a Business Intelligence meetup
5 min read

*instinctools held a Business Intelligence meetup

Business Intelligence meetup *instinctools is behind us, which means that our speakers inspired dozens of listeners to develop, shared their knowledge and experience in the field of Business Intelligence. Topics talked about: Frontend, backend, fullstack.. or BI? Ivan Dubovsky, Lead

*instinctools held the first meetup in Kazakhstan
5 min read

*instinctools held the first meetup in Kazakhstan

“Golang for big and small: from complex to low-level tasks”, the first *instinctools meetup in Kazakhstan, took place on July 5th, bringing together more than 100 developers from different countries. Experts covered Golang trendy topics, shared their experience and answered

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