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Healthcare & IT: Medical standards in IT based on HIPAA
10 min read

Healthcare & IT: Medical standards in IT based on HIPAA

Post-COVID-19 reality for healthcare The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a wave of innovation and technological advancements in healthcare. As we move forward, several exciting trends will reshape how technology is used in healthcare. These include telehealth (remote medical consultations), artificial

Time management tips for IT specialists
5 min read

Time management tips for IT specialists

In every sphere of life time is the key to managing it in an appropriate way. When we talk about success at work in an IT company, one of the most important skills is to finish all tasks in time.

Workflow with Temporal
5 min read

Workflow with Temporal

One of the topics presented at the Golang meetup *instinctools was the practice of using the popular open source microservices orchestration platform Temporal. Maksadbek Akhmedov, *instinctools Go-developer, told what tasks the platform effectively solves, and also showed how you can

*instinctools joined Astana Hub
5 min read

*instinctools joined Astana Hub

In June, *instinctools became a resident of Astana Hub, the largest technology companies community in Central Asia. In May 2022 *instinctools opened a development center in Nur-Sultan in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company is actively expanding its team by

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