Join us on Thursday, 31st of August at 3 pm (GMT+2), 4 pm (GMT+3), 7 pm (GMT+6) for an exciting online meetup focused on Business Intelligence. 

Our speakers are Ivan Dubouski, Lead Business Intelligence Specialist at *instinctools and Chandeep Chhabra, BI Trainer and Consultant, Blogger. 

Ivan Dubovski has been working at *instinctools for 15 years and he is responsible for the accumulation of technical and process expertise in the delivery of BI solutions, resource management, and employee development in BI sphere. During this meeting Ivan will discuss the ins and outs of working and building a career in BI, covering its advantages, disadvantages, and project specifics:

  • “Features” of BI;
  • BI project processes specifics;
  • Why BI is worth looking at.

Our second speaker is Chandeep Chhabra, BI Trainer and Consultant, Blogger. Chandeep works with clients around the world on training and consulting projects on Excel and Power BI. He worked as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Bank, Mumbai, India, helping startups raise capital. After working for about 4 years in Investment Banking, Chandeep decided to start his BI consulting venture “Goodly”. Chandeep also has his Youtube channel where he gives tips and tools, working life-hacks on how to improve your business with BI.  

During his session Chandeep will tell his career story, answer questions about BI, give some advice to those who want to boost his skills and career in BI sphere. With a solid foundation in BI and a talent for simplifying the complex, Chandeep will connect his insights together with the broader BI picture. 

If you’re curious about BI and want a clear understanding of how it works, this session is your perfect opportunity. Don’t miss out on a dynamic talk that promises to make BI accessible and exciting.

This meetup will be conducted in English. Please register in advance and submit any questions you may have for our speakers using this form

 Looking forward to seeing you there!

Volha Abukhouskaya
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