Business Intelligence meetup *instinctools is behind us, which means that our speakers inspired dozens of listeners to develop, shared their knowledge and experience in the field of Business Intelligence.

Topics talked about:

  • Frontend, backend, fullstack.. or BI? Ivan Dubovsky, Lead BI Specialist *instinctools, spoke about the peculiarities of working and career in BI, the specifics of running BI projects, and why experienced developers should take a closer look at the profession of BI analyst.
  • Cases of implementation of BI systems. BI Manager *instinctools Alexander Obolensky shared his practical experience in implementing BI projects and presented cases of implementing BI systems over the past two years.
  • Career in Business Intelligence. Arthur Vysotsky, Senior BI Analyst *instinctools, spoke about the key areas of career and professional development in the BI field, and also shared recipes for a successful entry into the profession.

Stay tuned for announcements of the next *instinctools meetups!

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