We are excited to announce that *instinctools will be hosting an online meetup focused on leadership in IT and how to become a successful manager. This meeting will be on the 31st of May, at 17.00 GMT+3 (16.00 GMT+2). The meetup will explore the topic of Delegation and Control as Lead’s Responsibility and be valuable for anyone, who`s interested in improving their soft skills, managerial abilities, and leadership approach

During the session, we will cover the following points:

  • Definition of Delegation. Understanding the definition of delegation and distinguishing it from task assignment.
  • Model of Delegation. Exploring the adaptation of the Situational model by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard for effective delegation strategies.
  • The connection between delegation and control. Checking the relationship between delegation and control, discussing the various levels of control that can be implemented.
  • Micromanagement. Identifying situations where micromanagement may be appropriate.

Our speakers for this meetup are:

  • Katsiaryna Navitskaya, Educational Manager at *instinctools. With over 15 years of diverse work experience and a strong educational background, Katsiaryna has successfully led multiple HR analytics and digitalization projects. Her expertise lies in improving employee engagement, enhancing the employee experience, and driving organizational success through data-driven strategies and effective training programs.
  • Anastasiya Mikhailava, HR People Partner at *instinctools. Anastasiya is a business-oriented and people-focused HR Business Partner in the field of information technology and services. She possesses 5 years of experience in strategic HR planning and implementation, employee relations, and talent management. Anastasiya has a proven track record of building strong relationships with senior leadership to support business objectives. Her skills include designing and executing HR programs and initiatives to foster employee engagement, retention, and career development.

If you didn`t take part in this meeting, you can watch it on our Youtube channel

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