Recognition of professionals

Are there any processes within the company designed for reaching my professional goals?

*instinctools mission is based on professional development and growth.
The company has established a system for employee career advancement. Numerous internal processes are aimed at helping employees achieve their maximum potential.

What corporate training opportunities are present in the company?

Every employee is welcome to take part in such company's events as meetups, training courses, and master classes. Moreover, we support professional communities development by organizing conferences for everyone with an interest in the IT field.

Will I have an opportunity to continue English studies at *instinctools?

In-house English and Polish classes are available to all employees for enhancing their language skills. In addition, several events focused on practicing English are held on a regular basis.

Who is responsible for employees development?

First and foremost, the employees themselves. From our side, we are ready to provide everyone with mentoring support and all the materials needed.

Does *instinctools provide financial reimbursement for professional development activities?

Sure, the company compensates for certifications, conference participation and external courses.

Is it possible to conduct meetups by myself?

Undoubtedly! The desire to share expertise is highly supported. We actively help and assist our employees in events organization and speech preparation for both internal meetups and external events.

What are the benefits offered by the company?

Besides regular vacation days and paid sick leave, *instinctools benefits package includes:

  • medical insurance
  • diverse corporate events
  • sports compensation
  • birthday gifts
  • foreign language courses
  • financial support for major life events
  • reimbursement for educational activities
  • and much more!
  • extra paid vacation days
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