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We have more than 20 years experience in IT, now we are going to develop our presence on the Romanian market. In our company we have united strong IT specialists (Middle and Senior level Developers) who are open minded, always evolving and apply innovative approaches in everyday tasks.
If you are looking for IT career advancement and international job opportunities with an international IT company, this is your chance to become a part of our team.

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IT jobs in Romania for Developers

*instinctools is a company developing IT solutions for Western Europe. We have over 350 projects in our portfolio. The spheres are different – from healthcare and medicine, training and education, to digital advertising, economics and IT. To support and develop such a number of projects, developers are needed who are confident in the technologies for developing, implementing and supporting software.

We use a modern technology stack, the key of which are:

Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js, Golang, Python, Java, iOS, Android, Blockchain, AWS.

Check out our IT jobs positions in Romania and send your responses through the feedback form. We will definitely write you back!

Job in IT QA Engineers

*instinctools has a lot of interesting tasks for testers of all experience levels. In the QA Manual department, you will be able to apply all your knowledge and develop professional skills. We promise it will be fascinating!

Look through our IT job offers for QA Engineers in Romania and join the work on large-scale projects!

Job opportunities for DevOps Engineers

*instinctools DevOps specialists are responsible for designing and testing infrastructure, deploying, monitoring and automating the application lifecycle. If for you this is not just a list of tasks, but a favorite job that you burn with, then we look forward to seeing you in our team.

Check out our DevOps Engineers  jobs in Romania and join the *instinctools team!

Jobs in IT for Analysts

The business analyst is the bridge between the client and the company. Without such a specialist, it is simply impossible to bring the project to the final stage quickly. 

Ready for non-standard tasks? *instinctools will give you a unique opportunity to work on non-boring projects of global importance, which help to develop a career. Check out our current job opportunities and join our team!

IT positions for Designers

On our projects, the work of a designer is not only to work out the visuals and develop a style, but also to analyze statistics, conduct users surveys and the target audience of the product, as well as create and test prototypes. Do you want to deal with a variety of tasks and think through every step so that the visual works for the product? Do you want to have a work-life balance with remote career opportunities?

Find your IT job, check our all open positions and join the *instinctools team!

Jobs in IT for Project managers

The success of a project largely depends on the well-established processes by the team manager. *instinctools invites professionals who have experience in project management in IT, who know how to  interact with people competently, effectively build teamwork, analyze and assess risks, and so on.

Let’s make our projects even more successful together. If you are a project manager in Romania check out our remote job vacancies and submit your resume via the feedback form!

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